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archii is a mental health technology company. we focus on improving access to mental health tools, care and resources. our products leverage tech to improve the lives of people like you.

we strive to create and innovate for you. we believe everyone deserves to be equipped with tools and information to accommodate their mental health.



therapy on demand. request connection to a therapist or a peer, and get immediately connected. sessions operate on single session intervention format, which basically means no long term therapy commitment.

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an AI mental health support chatbot and platform to manage all aspects of your mental health

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this AI is amazing, it helped me and told me stuff I never thought of. now I feel better and more confident about my choices. thank you a lot.
- em x archii customer
this is absolutely amazing! It's really cool how it can remember what you said before and that it keeps linking stuff to things you even said in the beginning of the conversation
- em x archii customer

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