a single interaction can have an impact

tod operates on the model of single session intervention, which means the mindset that you'll only see the same client once. almost like a virtual walk in clinic, or therapy on demand.

i know this goes beyond the traditional views that the only model of therapy and support are in long term care, but SSI is an accessible form of treatment. let's get real: not everyone can afford or access long term therapy. some people may be aprehensive about therapy and want a little taste. others are struggling with acute issues and need immediate support. that's where you come in.

btw, who counts as a provider? peers and therapists

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single session therapy

research backed. efficient. affordable.

single session therapy or intervention operates on a model different than long term therapy. each session is treated like the one and only session. clients are welcome to return for another session but may not be matched with the same provider.

what if i'm not trained?

we got you.

all providers who onboard to our platform receive extensive training to quickly get you ready to provide this model of intervention. all we need are your existing skills and empathy!


tod's therapists are trained in providing single session interventions to help clients get the most out of one session. forget the hassle of retaining clients - no need! session notes? probably not - tbd.


trained in providing support, a peer is someone who has lived experience with a mental health concern. and - they are also trained in helping clients get the most out of a single session!

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