a single interaction can have an impact

tod, or therapy on demand, gives you immediate connection to a therapist or peer whenever you feel like talking

tod operates on the model of single session intervention. basically, request a therapist or peer at any time of day, immediately get connected, and come back anytime you want. no long term commitment, pay per session, and match with a new provider each time.

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single session therapy

research backed. efficient. affordable.

single session therapy or intervention operates on a model different than long term therapy. suppose you want to see a therapist but don't want to commit long term. single session intervention is just that. talk as little or as often as you'd like. each session is treated like the one and only session.

is it even effective?


research shows that evidence-based single session intervention - and even one interaction - has impact. and don't worry - our providers are onboarded and trained in providing quality, accurate intervention.

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tod's therapists are trained in providing single session interventions to help you get the most out of one session

talk to a peer

trained in providing support, a peer is someone who has lived experience with a mental health concern. and - they are also trained in helping you get the most out of a single session!

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